On the 14th February, we asked you the age old question… why do you love cycling?

We wanted to know what it is about cycling that gets your heart pumping and your legs spinning. You answered in your hundreds, sharing your passion, personal success stories and inspirational words on your love affair with the humble bicycle.

But we know it’s not always easy, there are good days and bad, those where we can’t seem to find our legs and those when our beloved bicycles decide not to co-operate… so we’ve chosen a few of our favourite quotes, straight from the mouths of our members, fans and followers to share with you and remind us exactly why, we all love this extraordinary sport!

Cycling is one epic escape!

It’s adventure! It’s fresh air! It’s the beautiful scenes! It’s the cold, snow, wind, sun and blue skies in all seasons! It is freedom! It’s a saving grace! It’s addictive ! It soothes the mind & body in unimaginable ways! It is my therapy.

John Farrell

It gets me out the house and allows my wife some down time.

Gavin Feldt

It gives me the opportunity to be my own hero!

Kid Karbon

Because it’s the best way to enjoy a mid life crisis.

John Turner

Nothing comes close to cycling.

It’s one whole community where everyone knows everyone and all those people look out for you and make you feel special. You make friends that you share a great passion with and they inspire you to get out and just enjoy yourself on your bike.

There are no limits or rules to riding your bike and that’s why I love it.

Tom Couzens

Cycling! The best investment I have ever made. Health, happiness, freedom, travel and friends.. oh and coffee and cake!


I love cycling because there are no words to describe the joy I feel when my son is beaming from ear to ear when he’s racing his bike!

Matt Harrison

At one with the elements, facing fear, battling cramp, resisting gravity, tan lines, camardarie of the peloton and dreaming of the next bike.

Rico's Bike Shack

I love cycling because it gives me a sense of family!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what bike you’re riding – you’re out there turning the wheels with other people who share the passion – not stuck on the sofa or behind the wheel of a car.

And there’s still the suspicion from non-cyclists that you’re a little bit crazy …. yesss!

Erica Greenedge

It makes me feel brave and fearless and able to take on big challenges.


Something so very simple that makes me so very happy…

Natalie Davies

One word… Freedom. It lets me clear my mind and leave the daily grind behind.


Why do I love cycling?

Probably because of the mechanics of the bike and being able to always make small changes or visible improvements in performance. Plus the health benefits and social aspects, the culture and the history.

What is there not to love about cycling.

John Roued Cunliffe

Never forget that really we are all ten year olds, out with our mates, enjoying the freedom that comes with riding a bike!

Dominic Bath

The feeling of freedom and the possibility to go wherever I want. The pride you feel when you achieve new goals …

Gilles Mordant

The adrenaline of powering up a climb and leaving it all on the road in an attempt to beat that KOM!

Seb Oldham