Pete Willams


Height: 177cm
Weight: 70kg
Pro Experience 11 Years
Speciality All rounder


Favourite post race meal:
Chicken egg fried rice

Guilty pleasure:
Love a good burger with sweet potato fries

Favourite recovery activity:
Feet up on the sofa watching a film with the Mrs and the dog.

Would you rather spend an hour doing intervals on the turbo or 3 hours easy in the rain?
I was never one for the turbo until the direct drive ones came out and with the likes of zwift, it makes it bearable and more enjoyable than previously.  Although I do like to get out into the fresh air so it’d depend on what kind of training I need to do.  Living in Yorkshire means that I go out in the rain and get wet on a regular basis otherwise I’d never train on the road.  Great kit is essential!

Goals this season:
Ultimately I want to play a part in making the team have a successful year and make progression.  We have quite a few young guys who are really talented, so I’ll be helping them to make the most of it.

I will also look for any opportunities to get across the line first. The last stage of the tour de Yorkshire in May literally goes past my doorstep so I’ll be aiming to be as good as I can be that day.