Jacob Scott


Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Pro Experience 3 Years
Speciality All rounder


Favourite post race meal:
Some sort of wrap, needs to be, easy to eat.

Guilty pleasure:
Sweets, put a bag of wine gums in front of me, or something like pick n mix, and they don’t last very long at all.

Favourite recovery activity:
If I was racing then it would be between massage and food, then I know I’m starting to relax from the days racing. If it’s day on training camp, then a good movie always helps.

Would you rather spend an hour doing intervals on the turbo or 3 hours easy in the rain?
1h turbo intervals.

Goals this season:
Depends what type of rain it is, if it’s coming down side ways with a fair gust behind it, then turbo is the best option, if it’s drizzling, then I’d go for the 3 hrs.


(be awesome) is like to win as many races as a team or individually as possible, we have some strong riders here.