ONE Pro Cycling are delighted to welcome Sports Nutritionist Will Girling to the team.

At only 26 years of age, Girling already has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with elite athletes in the field of nutrition and across a wide variety of sporting disciplines. Fuelling his passion for nutrition Girling has built an impressive list of clients including International rugby players, Elite cyclists, World Iron Man and World Olympic distance competitors to name a few.

Stepping into his new role as Head Sports Nutritionist for ONE Pro Cycling, Will Girling will help fine-tune each rider’s nutrition whilst complimenting individual training goals to enable optimum performance on the bike.


Tell us a little about yourself, your background; what inspired you to work in the field of Sports Nutrition?

“Quite early on in my career in sport I found that nutrition was the field I wanted to go into. It was the area people always seemed to struggle with most and gave me the thirst to want to know more.

After starting down the path of nutrition I quickly had the dream to work with high level athletes, helping guide them to discover even more of their potential through a deeper understanding of the importance of food in performance.”


You’re obviously a keen sportsperson yourself, what attracted you to the world of cycling and most importantly ONE Pro Cycling?

“I have a huge passion for cycling myself having completed a couple of ultra-distance bike rides around Europe. What excites me most about cycling and nutrition within cycling is the large range of variables you need to take into consideration for different racing situations. For example, the substantial differences in nutritional preparation for a one-day race in comparison to a stage race which can last several days and recovery is of the utmost importance.

ONE Pro Cycling is a team I immediately connected with! The team has such passion and motivation. Each individual, both support staff and rider has the ambition to see ONE Pro Cycling on the World Tour stage and that’s something that I aspire to be involved with. Most of all though it’s easy to see that the team has a tight bond and this family feel, which I’m so happy and excited to say I’m part of now.”


Explain a little about your role within the team, what will it involve on a daily basis?

“I will be spending time with the riders individually, helping to improve every aspect of their nutrition. We’ll start by focusing on daily nutrition to make sure each athlete is getting the most out of training, all the way to practicing and nailing pre-race day and race-day nutrition to help them reach that all important optimum performance.

At some of the longer stage races the team will be taking part in this year, you’ll find me on the Team bus preparing and cooking as many of the riders meals as possible, so make sure you pop over and say hi.”


You’ve already worked quite closely with the team and even experienced your first British road race with ONE Pro Cycling, what were your first thoughts?

“It’s hard not to be cliché when answering such a question but honestly if I had to sum it up in one word it would be “love”. This for me is my dream job and to be involved with such an amazing team, that is so welcoming and as mentioned before has that family feel, I can only love every aspect of what I and we will be doing as a team.”


Finally, working with the team this year, what are you most looking forward to?

“I’m really excited about two things actually, the first is being able to work really closely with the riders and witnessing that moment when they realise what a difference the nutrition is making. The second is going on tour, getting stuck in and really helping out with the food.

If you would like to find out more about Will and keep up to date with his journey with ONE Pro Cycling, you can follow him on his official Instagram account  or check out some amazing recipes and nutritional advice on his website