Courtesy of ONE Pro Insurance Solutions, 14 year old cyclist Steven Courtney from Oxfordshire will be riding away on a brand new Boardman Bike SLR 9.2, whilst Dad and cycling enthusiast Paul will benefit from one years FREE insurance cover!

During the Tour of Britain, ONE Pro Insurance Solutions gave spectators the opportunity to enter a fantastic prize giveaway for the chance to win one of 10 great prizes! For one young man, the electric atmosphere and thrill of the race weren’t the only reasons he would forever remember his time spent at the Tour!

“On Stage 7 at the Tour of Britain, Dad and I rode up to Brill Hill with our local Bicester Millennium Cycling Club to watch the race come past. The atmosphere was amazing with hundreds of people stood on the KOM watching the race, most of which had cycled to the top of the climb, from all over the place. We were right on the ‘King of the Mountains’ line so we had a great view and even saw ourselves on telly in the evening. Just before the riders arrived, ONE Pro Insurance were there, giving out water bottles along with information on how to enter their Tour of Britain Prize Giveaway with the top prize being a Boardman Bike – but I never thought I’d win” explained Steven.

 Dad Paul recalls how promptly Steven entered the competition;

“Steven entered the competition as soon as he got home, after of course, spending 45 minutes drying his bike due to being caught out in the rain on the way home from our ride. One week after entering, Steven received an email to tell him he’d won the bike, he rushed into the living room to tell me and I was more than just a little green – especially after just cycling 8.5 miles home in the pouring rain on my winter bike (an ebay special) and I couldn’t believe what he was telling me! It took us 24 hours to believe it!” explained Paul.


Steven and Molly during the London to Brighton Cycle Challenge


A worthy competition winner, there’s a lot more to Steven than meets the eye.

When Steven Courtney was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, otherwise known as Insulin dependent diabetes. An autoimmune disease which prevents the body from producing insulin to adequately regulate blood sugar levels, failure to do so can be life threatening.

A keen cyclist, Steven has never let diabetes get in the way of his passion and with the help of his parents and his Medical alert dog Molly, Steven enjoys challenging himself and his Dad, on the bike.

As well as attending the juniors group with Bicester Millennium Cycling Club and taking part in the clubs time trial events at Western on the Green Airfield, Steven also likes to set himself a challenge and has already successfully completed London to Brighton. Whilst Dad Paul raised funds for the British Heart Foundation, Steven raised money for Medical Detection Dogs – so they can help train more dogs just like Molly.

Steven and Molly made the final of the ‘Crufts Friends for Life’ award in 2014!  (Watch their video here)


Molly and Steven are inseparable


Molly and Steven have had a special bond since Molly was just a pup and have become inseparable. A specially trained ‘Medical Alert Dog’, Molly has the ability to sense when Steven’s blood sugar levels are low and promptly alerts Steven’s parents for assistance. While Molly can’t monitor Steven’s blood sugar levels during his bike rides, Dad Paul is always there to help.

“On our London to Brighton ride, Steven rode with his blood test kit and a saddle bag containing a family bag of jelly babies. We didn’t walk up any of the hills, including Ditchling Beacon at mile 50, but we did have to stop about six times just to check and correct blood sugar levels. Jelly babies being a quick way of getting sugars back up and cereal bars handy for long acting carb release! I carried a ruck sack with more snacks and extra medical kit if required plus of course two inner tubes, pumps, basic tools, and phone just in case.”


When a rider refers to ‘bonking’ or a runner ‘hitting the wall’ it’s when we have used all our stored energy and our body goes into a fail safe mode, telling you to stop as your being silly… those of us who have done a long bike ride or run a marathon or two will learn how to cope with this. When Steven’s sugar’s drop it’s the same as ‘hitting the wall’ or ‘bonking’, his body has run out of sugar and starts to shut down. He will get wobbly and argumentative and not be able to run or cycle safely, hence the amount of blood tests on the bike rides, just to check and stay in a safe range!” explains Paul.”


(Far right) Steven and Molly, (Middle) Dad Paul, (Left) Steven’s younger brother Charlie


A fantastic achievement and many more on the cards, the father and son duo are already planning their next big cycle events in 2018 as Steven explains;

“Next year as well as attending my usual club training rides, Dad and I are already planning on taking part in a sportive event of 50 miles in Yorkshire and also hopefully the time trial event at Silverstone, as well as competing in my club time trial events at Western on the Green Airfield – all on my new Boardman Bike thanks to ONE Pro Insurance”


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