Following 15 months of research and development, Cyclists Choice is delighted to announce the launch of its strategic partnership with ONE Pro Group.

In early 2016, Matt Prior Founder and CEO of ONE Pro Cycling and Adrian Scott of Premium Choice came together with the shared vision of creating an insurance offering for today’s Cyclists that was designed to address their real needs.

The challenge was evident right from the start says Adrian – “Insurance and Cycling just doesn’t go together, does it? There is something inherently at odds between cycling and Insurance. Cycling is all about freedom, passion, optimism and positivity yet insurance is all about pessimism, risk, uncertainty and what ifs!

Our partnership with ONE Pro Group isn’t about launching a new insurance product, it’s about completely redefining a category. Let’s be honest, no-one really wants to think or read about insurance no matter how good it is, or indeed, pay for something that might not happen. Even though insurance is there to give you peace of mind, talking about it acts as a barrier – it’s a reminder of what might happen!!

ONE Pro provided us with a completely new opportunity to re-think insurance for cyclists and it gave us the chance to change our language and tone, and be different. So rather than just creating something that talked about uncertainty and risk, ONE Pro have helped us build something that’s about inspiration, innovation and positive possibilities. We wanted our insurance offering to be the cherry on the cake, rather than the cake itself.”


.Ok, so what’s different?

Adrian said, “My entire career has been in insurance and I was lucky enough to be on a project that pioneered the first ever cycle insurance cover to market, at the time this was something revolutionary and offered a solution to cyclists across the UK. As time has evolved there has been an ever increasing number of companies entering the market with similar insurance products of their own. All have broadly followed the same road of covering the bike and equipment and adding in some personal liability cover.

In designing a new solution for cycling insurance Matt and I were determined to make it about the cyclist and not just about the equipment. As a keen cyclist myself I understand that we are all individuals sharing a common passion but often with differing needs dependent upon the type of riding we are doing or the steed we are riding at the time.

I’ve been riding bikes for over 40 years. I’ve been a roadie, fixie, downhiller, weekend warrior, BMXer, crosser and commuter. My preference is now for the road but at my heart, I simply love riding and I was determined to create an insurance offering that talked to cyclists as cyclists and to create something that they actually wanted to pay for, rather that something they didn’t.

So with the support of Matt and his team we have realised the vision to approach things differently, by putting the cyclist at the heart of everything we do, rather than the bike.

The product we have created offers a truly flexible solution where there is choice on the covers a cyclist might need for just themselves, or just their bike(s), Whether they need cover for a day or for a year, we provide the solutions. I like to regard it as the ‘Custom Fit’ of cycling insurance.

Our partnership has allowed us to create Insurance that is as individual as the cyclist but we haven’t stopped at just the insurance offering.

Our product also comes with a range of other features and benefits that have been designed to give something back to the customer. Some of these will be money can’t buy experiences, of which we will be sharing more details shortly and other benefits, like providing customers with access to our ‘Reward Gateway’, that provides a whole range of cash back and member discounts at over 800 high street retailers will, I believe, actually turn the insurance into a cost neutral purchase. In many cases, I actually expect the benefits offered by our reward partners and loyalty club will far exceed the cost of the insurance.

Working with ONE Pro has allowed us to access an invaluable amount of learning and insight into what cyclists really want from their insurance provider and the products they value. We are really excited about working together to benefit not only the ONE Pro membership but the whole cycling community.”

Founder and CEO of ONE Pro Group, Matt Prior said; “This is a very exciting venture for all involved in the ONE Pro brand. When we teamed up with Adrian and the guys at Premium Choice it was evident from the outset that they had very similar beliefs to those that have served us well at ONE Pro Cycling. The idea to push boundaries, challenge and go one better in every area that we put our minds to.

With more and more people taking to cycling every day we wanted to create an insurance opportunity for cyclists that allowed them to get on their bikes with complete peace of mind. With ONE Pro Insurance we wanted to change how insurance is viewed and ultimately purchased. It needs to be far more bespoke and suit the needs of each individual. Whether you are a commuter, ‘weekend warrior’ or even a pro there is an opportunity to build a policy that fits your needs and requirements.”

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