The third round of the Tour Series took place in the Cheshire town of Northwich. With the original ONE Pro Cycling roster having already raced twice during the week the team brought in three new riders to freshen the squad, including Polish Powerhouse Karol Domagalski and brothers George and Will Harper.

A heavy downpour with only 20 minutes to go saw the circuit completely drenched and a nervous peloton lined up under the gantry before the race.

As the race got underway the usual battle for the front commenced. Unfortunately Will Harper became one of the first causalities of the night getting caught up in a crash, going over the handlebars. A quick re mount and an impressive chase saw Harper close a 15” gap, regain contact with Karol Domagalski’s group and clock a ‘Brother Fastest Lap’. Domagalski had also being caught up behind numerous crashes out on the course and the ONE Pro duo worked well together in a small group.

At the front the race Madison Genesis had taken control at the head of the peloton and were beginning to put riders under pressure. Steele Von Hoff was caught out on a tight corner as a rider hit the deck in front of him, The Australian Sprinter quickly dodged the rider but lost contact with the leaders in the process.

Meanwhile George Harper looked comfortable sitting on the back of the Madison Genesis train in the front group. Determined to make an impact on his Tour Series debut, Will Harper along with Karol Domagalski rode hard behind catching Tom Stewart and Steele Von Hoff.

The four riders got themselves together and over the course of the next 20 minutes worked hard to reduce the deficit created by the front group of 13 controlled by Madison.

ONE Pro Cycling chipped away at the leaders but unfortunately as the bell rung the team were still around 35 seconds behind. Running into the finish, George Harper was looking to position himself for the sprint, however a rider dropping the wheel in front caused a small gap to open.

As Harper came out of the final bend he sprinted hard for the line picking up a credible 6th place following an evening spent in the break.

The rest of ONE Pro Cycling kept the pressure on the front of the chase group however were outsprinted for the minor places having worked hard throughout. The efforts of the team were good enough to see ONE Pro Cycling take 2nd team on the night behind Madison Genesis, a big improvement on the back to back 5th places the team secured in the first two rounds of the Tour Series this week.

ONE Pro Cycling see a short Tour Series break over the weekend as the squad travel to the Lincoln GP but the team will be back for more Tour Series action on Tuesday night in Wembley!

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