Our five core values are part of our long-term strategy for growth and performance improvement.

We strongly believe that these values will enable us to progress to compete in the biggest races in the cycling world.


We are passionate about cycling,about winning and about our fans.
We believe that this passion drives the want to be better.


We have strong principles that we stick to, these are:
We adhere to all UCI rules and regulations. We take a zero tolerance stance on non-compliance.
The riders, support team, management, suppliers and partners are one team, we support one another and make decisions that are in the best interest of the team.
We are open and honest in our communication.
We are as professional off the bike as we are on the bike.
We support the development of new and exciting talent both from a rider and commercial perspective.


ONE Pro Cycling is primarily focused on the goal of winning cycling races.
We work hard and support each other as a team to produce a winning performance both on the bike, off the bike and commercially.


We encourage participation from our members and fans and want them to feel part of the team, contributing to our achievements. Part of our mission is to open up cycling by making it a more accessible sport for fans to join in so that we all share in the success and fun of ONE Pro Cycling.


We develop long-term relationships with fans, corporate and performance partners.